The Ballpoint Penguins
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041 382 0079

The Ballpoint Penguins were conceived at the Nannup Music Festival (Nannup, Western Australia) when alto-cum-mezzo P2 fell in love with the English a cappella folk trio Artisan.

It was a long incubation, hatching only after P2 waddled into the A Cappella Go community choir (Perth, Western Australia) to hear P1’s gentle alto harmonising with P3’s robust baritone call.

At first, the intention was mainly to cover other people’s novelty songs. A breakthrough came at the Perth International Arts Festival where the Penguins, who still hold the record for the world’s smallest “flash choir,” realised that their peculiar original material was flying better than covers.

The Formally Feathered Ones have since been terrorizing festivals, folk clubs, wineries and the odd supermarket with their overachieving dress code and underachieving sense of taste.