Aurora Australis Open Night
Community Hall
11 Wellbank Street Concord
01 Feb, 2024 - 29 Feb, 2024
07:30 pm - 07:30 pm

What are you doing for YOU this year? Why not try singing with Aurora? You get to make great music and it's a lot of fun!
Come along to one of our Open Nights in February and see what we do. You'll be welcome to join in or just watch as we have some gentle warm-ups and vocal exercises then the chorus will perform some of our repertoire for you. You're free to leave anytime of course, but you might like to stay till the end, around 9.30pm, and join us for supper!
Our first night is Thursday 1st February at 7.30pm.
Community Hall 11 Wellbank St Concord.
Register by sending a quick email to
Can’t make it on the 1st Feb? We’re having open nights every Thursday in February. Just let us know you’re coming.
For more information on the chorus visit our website