The Maestro Workshop Tour
Marvell Hall
37 Marvell Street
01 Mar, 2024 - 25 Mar, 2024
03:00 pm - 06:30 pm

Workshops in Byron Bay, Sydney's Northern Beaches, Albury NSW, Melbourne and Adelaide!
We are proud and excited to bring Edoardo Materassi from Italy to you. He has won the hearts of many of our Italian singing holiday group participants over the years and we are thrilled to invite him to Australia so you too can experience singing with the maestro!

Local Guest teachers include,
Imogen Wolf in Byron Bay
Stuart Davis in Narrabeen
Christina Mommocchi in Narrabeen
Annemarie Sharry in Melbourne

All events are suitable for anyone who loves to sing, from absolute beginners to stage performers.

Ciao tutti! I have great respect for Edoardo's work, inspiring, warm, humorous and unique. Looking forward!

" His vocal warm-up techniques and his passion for choral singing is truly infectious. After just a few short days, he had us singing Italian, African and Macedonian songs, all taught with encouragement and ease. FUN! Can’t wait to sing with him again!".