Lisa Lockland-Bell

Lisa is a vocal master who ensures thought-leaders add value to every conversation. From the physical, through the meta-physical to the spiritual, she is your one-stop vocal expert. If your words are important, you need to be heard.

Lisa’s journey has seen her transition from a world-class opera singer, 2 x time cancer survivor, to sought-after elite coach and now to expert mentor helping corporate leaders confidently speak in a way that supports their reputation and adds value to every conversation.

In addition, she’s an engaging Keynote Speaker, Singing Teacher, National Adjudicator, ACCF Ambassador, Certified Deepak Chopra Practitioner, Mother, Wife and Community Leader who runs her own business.

In short, Lisa Lockland-Bell represents a rare blend of real-life talent, training, resilience, intuition and heartfelt leadership combined with the ability to communicate her life experience across a broad spectrum of private coaching, media, stage and audiences.

In the Studio

Singing is an intimate art form where you are sharing your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. Whilst singers are usually only focused on developing and improving their vocal and performance skills, they also need to spend time working on their mindset. Some signs that indicate a singer has a limiting belief system include performance anxiety, hiding behind shyness, a lack of confidence, a disconnect with their voice leaving them not liking the sound of their own voice, excuses and procrastination around not practicing, wanting everything to be perfect and over practicing, poor vocal health…Using the BEL CANTO (beautiful singing) style of singing training, the LLB Vocal Studio training will take you by the hand and guide you through every step to develop your skills and the confidence in being a great singer.

Performance Studios

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